Prosthetic Summer Camp to Empower Students to Explore their Future as a Healthcare Professional

The Limb Care Foundation, an international non-profit organization dedicated to advancing limb health, is proud to announce its upcoming Prosthetic Summer Camp, a transformative event designed to inspire and empower students considering careers in healthcare. This immersive camp, hosted by the foundation, offers a unique opportunity for high school and middle school students to engage in hands-on activities and educational resources focused on physical therapy, occupational therapy, prosthetics, orthotics, and podiatry, fostering the next generation of healthcare providers.

The Prosthetic Summer Camp, scheduled for July 14th at UC Davis Health, aims to ignite students’ passion for healthcare and provide them with a firsthand glimpse into the exciting and rewarding field of limb health. By offering a comprehensive event that combines educational sessions, a discussion with a panel of professionals, and an engaging competition, the Limb Care Foundation seeks to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue successful careers in various healthcare disciplines.

Laduan Smedley, Jr., CPO

“The event will be at UC Davis health.It will be hosted at the UC Davis Hospital in the education department, the same area where med school students will come and learn. It’ll also be cool to be on a medical campus for the students,” said Laduan Smedley, President of Limb Care Foundation.

He continues, “Most people in the field of Prosthetics, they’re either amputees themselves or they know someone, so after this event they will at least know one person or a few people – our guest speakers – and that might be the spark that sets them for it”.

Throughout the camp, students will have the opportunity to witness cutting-edge prosthetic technologies, and interact with experienced healthcare professionals, including amputees, prosthetists, therapists, and other specialists. These encounters will not only deepen their understanding of limb health, but also provide invaluable mentorship and guidance as they embark on their own healthcare journeys.

UC Davis Medical Center

Moreover, the Prosthetic Summer Camp will incorporate hands-on activities, encouraging students to actively engage with prosthetics and orthotics. By participating in these interactive sessions, students may develop practical skills, cultivate empathy, and gain a greater understanding of the multifaceted aspects of limb care.

The Limb Care Foundation understands the importance of nurturing the future generation of healthcare professionals. By investing in their education and providing them with access to transformative experiences, the foundation aims to inspire a new wave of compassionate and skilled individuals who will contribute significantly to the field of healthcare.

To support the Prosthetic Summer Camp and the foundation’s ongoing efforts to empower students and advance limb health, the Limb Care Foundation welcomes donations from individuals and organizations. Every contribution plays a vital role in expanding educational opportunities, providing resources, promoting awareness of limb loss and limb difference and the transformative power of healthcare.

For more information about the Prosthetic Summer Camp, including registration details and donation opportunities, please visit the Limb Care Foundation’s official website at

About Limb Care Foundation:

Limb Care Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to revolutionizing limb health through a multidisciplinary approach. By integrating podiatry, orthotics/prosthetics, and physical therapy, the foundation aims to maximize patient quality of life through education, advocacy, and outreach. Through its initiatives, Limb Care Foundation empowers individuals with limb-related challenges to lead fulfilling lives and promotes a greater understanding of limb health in the community.

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