Matrix Human Services Presents 313 in the D: A Night of Celebration and Impact

Matrix Human Services, a respected nonprofit organization committed to making a positive impact, proudly presents 313 in the D, a rooftop celebration that promises an evening of exhilarating entertainment, remarkable prizes, and an opportunity for attendees to support life-changing programs offered by Matrix Human Services.

313 in the D has become a beacon of hope and empowerment for the Detroit community, offering a unique platform for individuals, companies, and organizations to come together, celebrate, and make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need. By becoming a sponsor of this remarkable event, companies have the opportunity to showcase their commitment to social responsibility and support the crucial programs provided by Matrix Human Services.

Monique Phillips

“This is a non-profit that’s been around for 117 years, and we definitely plan on being around for 117 more,” says Monique Phillips, the Vice President of Development and Marketing.

She Continues, “That would only happen with the support of members of the community and businesses that are based in the local community as well those who are willing to partner with us who are willing to stem the tide of intergenerational poverty that persists within the city of Detroit who are willing to say, ‘I did that. I helped Matrix Human Services to provide life changing opportunities, and life-changing experiences to individuals who needed help. I did that’. If you’re someone who cares about doing that, then this is the event for you to support.”

As part of the 313 in the D rooftop celebration, attendees will experience an evening filled with entertainment, music, and surprises. Delicious food and beverages will be served as attendees enjoy the beats of renowned DJs. Throughout the night, guests will have the chance to win remarkable prizes through exciting raffles and auctions.

A Night of Celebration and Impact at 313 in the D

By becoming a sponsor of the event, companies demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility and their dedication to supporting the programs and services offered by Matrix Human Services. Sponsors gain visibility and recognition among the community and showcase their commitment to creating positive change in Detroit.

Companies interested in becoming sponsors of the 313 in the D rooftop celebration are encouraged to contact Matrix Human Services at Sponsorship opportunities are available at various levels, offering unique benefits and recognition.

For more information about Matrix Human Services and their ongoing efforts to empower Detroit’s communities, please visit

About Matrix Human Services:

Matrix Human Services is a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming lives and strengthening communities in Detroit. For over 115 years, Matrix Human Services has provided a comprehensive range of programs and services to address the diverse needs of Detroit residents. By fostering education, empowerment, and collaboration, Matrix Human Services works tirelessly to combat poverty, create positive change and elevate the quality of life for the citizens of Detroit.

Press Contact:

Monique Riley

Director of Marketing

Office: (313) 962-5255 ext. 1306


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Party with a Purpose at 313 in the D

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