Matrix Human Services Continues its Legacy of Fighting Poverty and Empowering Detroit's Most Vulnerable Citizens

Matrix Human Services, a prominent nonprofit organization committed to fostering positive change and resilience throughout the Detroit metropolitan area, is proud to announce its unwavering dedication to combating poverty and empowering the city’s most vulnerable populations. With a strong history of service and a visionary approach, Matrix Human Services stands at the forefront of social impact, continually working to transform lives and strengthen communities in Detroit.

For over a century, Matrix Human Services has been a beacon of hope and a catalyst for transformation in Detroit. By providing essential programs and services across multiple domains, the organization has touched countless lives and created a lasting impact on individuals, families, and neighborhoods.

Through a comprehensive range of initiatives, Matrix Human Services addresses the multifaceted challenges faced by Detroit residents. Their efforts encompass early childhood education, youth development, workforce training, housing assistance, senior services, and community engagement. By taking a holistic approach, Matrix Human Services ensures that individuals of all ages and backgrounds have access to the support they need to thrive.

Monique Phillips

“With a city like Detroit that’s been plagued with so many challenges over the years, you really need all of these positive interventions to come into place to really be able to touch individuals’ lives”, said Monique Phillips, Vice President of Development and Marketing of Matrix Human Services. “Individuals need to be able to take advantage of all of these services, as many as they want, or as many as they need, so that we can do our part to mitigate the barriers that people experience to truly [advance] in their lives. Matrix Human Services is a strong vehicle to be able to accomplish just that.”

Matrix Human Services’ impactful programs have yielded tangible results, transforming lives and creating a ripple effect of positive change. From education in Matrix Head Start centers that lay the foundation for lifelong learning to workforce development initiatives that equip individuals with marketable skills to senior services, the organization’s efforts uplift individuals and communities alike.

Furthermore, Matrix Human Services has developed strategic partnerships with local businesses and community organizations to maximize its impact. By leveraging these collaborations, the organization ensures that its programs are aligned with the evolving needs of Detroit’s diverse communities and are implemented in a sustainable and effective manner.

In addition to its commitment to social impact, Matrix Human Services is excited to announce the 10 year anniversary of its upcoming event, 313 in the D. This rooftop celebration, taking place on Thursday, July 13th, from 5:30pm to 9:00 pm at 3Fifty Terrace, promises to be a memorable evening filled with delectable cuisine, lively entertainment, and breathtaking views of Detroit’s iconic skyline. The event aims to raise funds to support the Matrix Center, a community jewel that serves as a hub for critical programs and services in Detroit’s Osborn neighborhood.

Mr. Frank Ervin III

“What I’m proud of is 313 in the D is a very successful event, but it showcases Detroit. That’s one of the great things. It showcases what’s going on in the city itself”, added Mr. Frank Ervin, III, Board Chair of Matrix Human Services. “A lot of the people that come there [say] they don’t live in the city. They only know what they hear or read, and quite frankly they don’t know the services that are provided by an organization like Matrix, so 313 in the D gives you the opportunity in a social, relaxed setting to actually come together, talk to people, interact with people, and show them what we do.”

Matrix Human Services invites community members, businesses, and philanthropic supporters to join them in their mission to fight poverty and empower Detroit’s most vulnerable populations. By supporting their programs and initiatives, individuals can play an active role in building a stronger, more resilient city for all.

For more information about Matrix Human Services and their ongoing efforts to create positive change in Detroit, please visit To purchase tickets or learn more about the 313 in the D event, please visit


About Matrix Human Services:

Matrix Human Services is a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming lives and strengthening communities in Detroit. For over 115 years, Matrix Human Services has provided a comprehensive range of programs and services to address the diverse needs of Detroit residents. By fostering education, empowerment, and collaboration, Matrix Human Services works tirelessly to combat poverty, create positive change and elevate the quality of life for the citizens of Detroit.

Press Contact:

Monique Riley

Director of Marketing

Office: (313) 962-5255 ext. 1306


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