Limb Care Foundation's Prosthetic Summer Camp Sets the Stage for Limb Health Awareness

The Limb Care Foundation is hosting the upcoming Prosthetic Summer Camp, an event that will bring together healthcare professionals, amputees, and students to raise awareness about limb health. The camp, centered around the themes of prevention, education, and a multidisciplinary approach, aims to inspire and empower individuals while fostering a deeper understanding of limb care. The Limb Care Foundation invites companies to join them in sponsoring this important initiative.

The Prosthetic Summer Camp will provide an immersive and educational experience for participants. It will serve as a platform for healthcare professionals, amputees, and students to come together and exchange knowledge, experiences, and insights related to limb health.

The camp’s focus on prevention underscores the importance of early intervention and proactive measures in preserving limb health. Through interactive workshops, presentations, and discussions, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the factors that contribute to limb loss and how it can be prevented.


Education will be a key component of the Prosthetic Summer Camp, as experts in the field of podiatry, orthotics/prosthetics, and physical therapy will share their knowledge and expertise. Through engaging sessions, participants will learn about the latest advancements in surgical procedures, prosthetics, and other forms of limb care. Middle and High School students will have the opportunity to explore these disciplines, and gain valuable insights into their future professions.

One of the core principles of the Limb Care Foundation is the recognition that a multidisciplinary approach is crucial in addressing the complex needs of individuals with limb-related challenges. The Prosthetic Summer Camp will emphasize the importance of collaboration among various healthcare professionals, encouraging participants to understand and appreciate the role each discipline plays in comprehensive limb care.

To make the Prosthetic Summer Camp a resounding success, the Limb Care Foundation invites companies to consider sponsoring this impactful initiative. Sponsors will have the opportunity to align themselves with a cause that promotes limb health awareness and empowers individuals to lead fulfilling lives. Through sponsorship, companies can contribute to shaping a future where limb care is prioritized, preventive measures are emphasized, and comprehensive support is provided to those in need.

Lashauna Smedley

“Your sponsorship of this event will allow us to broaden this and reach more students, making bigger events; have multiple events. We might have a summer camp that goes for a week as opposed to a couple of days with enough sponsorships. We might be able to separate it, so that we have a week dedicated to the younger kids; a week dedicated to the older kids. The only limitation is the funding aspect of it,” said Lashauna Smedley, International Liaison of Limb Care Foundation.

She continues, “At the end of the day the goal is to create future Prosthetists, future professionals in this space, future therapists, occupational therapists and the like. It would make a huge difference in our reach”.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities for the Prosthetic Summer Camp, please visit the Limb Care Foundation’s official website at

About Limb Care Foundation:

Limb Care Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to revolutionizing limb health through a multidisciplinary approach. By integrating podiatry, orthotics/prosthetics, and physical therapy, the foundation aims to maximize patient quality of life through education, advocacy, and outreach. Through its initiatives, Limb Care Foundation empowers individuals with limb-related challenges to lead fulfilling lives and promotes a greater understanding of limb health in the community.

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