Join the Party for a Cause: Matrix Human Services Hosts 10th Annual 313 in the D

Nonprofit organization, Matrix Human Services, dedicated to empowering Detroit’s community, invites you to a night of purposeful celebration at the 10th Annual 313 in the D event. This remarkable rooftop experience promises an array of memorable moments while supporting life-changing programs and services provided by Matrix Human Services.

313 in the D has become a symbol of unity and philanthropy, offering a unique opportunity for individuals, companies, and organizations to come together, celebrate, and make a lasting impact on the lives of Detroit residents. By becoming a sponsor of this remarkable event, companies can showcase their commitment to social responsibility and support the critical programs provided by Matrix Human Services.

Mr. Frank Ervin III

“Come and see matrix, come and meet Matrix, come and see what we do, but come in a social atmosphere where people can talk, people can just relax and get to know our staff, get to know our people, but we also get to know other people,” says Board Chair, Frank Ervin, III.

He continues, “Become a part of the Matrix family. I’d like for people to know that you’re not necessarily paying for a party, this is what you’re sponsoring. This is what your money does for the community itself.”

During the 10th Annual 313 in the D celebration, attendees will immerse themselves in a night filled with captivating experiences. The event will feature live entertainment, exciting raffles, and opportunities to win remarkable prizes. As guests mingle and celebrate, they will have the satisfaction of knowing that their participation directly supports Matrix Human Services’ vital programs and services.

By sponsoring the event, companies demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility and their dedication to supporting Matrix Human Services’ mission. Sponsors gain valuable visibility and recognition within the community, showcasing their commitment to creating positive change in Detroit.

Monique Phillips

“If you want to be considered an individual or company that cares about making an indelible, impactful mark on someone’s life that you can actually see, you don’t just read about it, but you can actually see, I want to say that this is the charity of choice,” says Monique Phillips, the Vice President of Development and Marketing. She finishes, “This is the event I would encourage you to support. “

Companies interested in becoming sponsors of the 10th Annual 313 in the D event are encouraged to visit Matrix Human Services at Sponsorship opportunities are available at various levels, offering unique benefits and recognition.

For more information about Matrix Human Services and their ongoing efforts to empower Detroit’s communities, please visit

Sponsor 313 in the D

About Matrix Human Services:

Matrix Human Services is a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming lives and strengthening communities in Detroit. For over 115 years, Matrix Human Services has provided a comprehensive range of programs and services to address the diverse needs of Detroit residents. By fostering education, empowerment, and collaboration, Matrix Human Services works tirelessly to combat poverty, create positive change and elevate the quality of life for the citizens of Detroit.

Press Contact:

Monique Riley

Director of Marketing

Office: (313) 962-5255 ext. 1306


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A Night of Celebration and Impact at 313 in the D​

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